Acid Casualty

Acid Casualty tells the true story of pop culture figure and Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett.

The story begins when Syd rents a room in a house occupied by a group heavily involved with psychedelic culture. The man who owns the house is a drug dealer and the girls who rent some of the other rooms are very into drugs. When they meet Syd, they begin to drug his tea every morning with LSD without his knowledge in hopes that this will lead to him creating better art. Eventually, this constant use of LSD in dangerously high doses leads to a psychotic break in Syd. 


Syd is also the founding member of a newly successful psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. He starts as a bright, charismatic figure and writes all the songs and lyrics for the band. As he begins to break down, the band members are caught between their friend and their futures. Their own careers are dependent on a stability that he no longer possesses. They are eventually forced to kick him out of the band.

The story of Syd Barrett is a staple of the mythos of rock and roll but it is also a universally recognizable tragedy. This true story tells a powerful tale of a man, his illness, his failing relationships, and his downfall at the hands of the cultural movement he helped create. 


Acid Casualty will be filmed in September 2020 in London, England. (pandemic permitting).Director Mae Horak, Producer/Actor Lena Vani and Assistant Director Emilio Subia will meet up with our team in London. Our DP will be Miguel Carmenes. Our PD will be Jason Kelvin. Emily will be played by Angela di Sant'Albano. The film will shoot over four days in the greater London area. 


Offhand Co is partnering with Robert Valentine to compose and record the soundtrack. The idea that the music is in the style of Pink Floyd’s long form songs which told stories in a near-operatic fashion. An acoustic demo of a song is linked above.

We have an expert costume and production designer who has worked for a decade in film and theater. This story is set in 1968 and will require accurate garments, props and locations. 

Some of Mae's reproductions of Syd's paintings are below. 

Though the world feels upside down right now, and the dates for filming can not be set in stone, we are using this as an opportunity to take our time. We want to assemble a team of people who are right for the project and bring their best selves to set. 

Our hope is that everyone who works on the film can find something in the script that they relate to or excites them. We are looking for hard working people who are invested in the project so that we can work together to create something truly unique and spectacular. 

We are in the process of applying to grants right now to help offset the costs of this production. The amount we will able to compensate the cast and crew will be directly dependent on whether or not we receive  these grants. We will be transparent throughout this whole process. We really appreciate the hard working people who have already put countless hours of work into Acid Casualty with no pay. We could not do this without you. 

More about Director Mae Horak And Producer/Actor Lena Vani


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