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In a shameless ripoff of Hunter S Thompson, “Bat Country” tells the story of Amelia Duke, as she comes face to face with personifications of the evils of modern life in the midst of a bad LSD trip in a cheap motel room.

Bat Country will combine the aesthetic of the original story (early 70's, the colors and patterns of the sixties burnt out and fading) with kitschy horror. 

We will be shooting on Labour Day weekend (September 2-5) schedule depending on availability of cast and crew.

If you're reading this and interested on working on this project, know that I am interested in your own ideas or interpretations of these concepts. While I do have a vision for the film it is malleable and I would like to collaborate more than we have in the past on other projects. 

Thank you. 

- Mae 

Download Screenplay below:

bat country.jpg
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