• Lena Vani

Acid Casualty

Updated: Jan 25

Cult figure Syd Barrett faces the dark side of '60s London psychedelic culture.


Syd Barrett, the founder of Pink Floyd, is caught up in the London music scene and psychedelic movement. His roommates become convinced that Syd is a sort of psychedelic messiah and begin spiking his food and drinks with acid. This leads to the beginning signs of psychosis/schizophrenia in Syd. He feels lonely, trapped in his own mind and unable to communicate with those around him.

Syd’s mental degradation quickly begins to cause conflict within his band. Though his bandmates genuinely care about him, they realize they can no longer help him. A final breakdown leads to their eventual decision to kick him out of the band.

Acid Casualty takes elements of history and imbues them with just enough fiction to tell a powerful story of a man, his struggles, and his failing relationships. Every element of Acid Casualty draws from the truth.

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