Off Hand Co is a womxn owned and operated company.

Lena Vani

Co - Founder

Lena Vani is a small woodland fairy who is ruled by the moon in the sky and the plants on the Earth. Unable to stay in one place for long, she follows her heart around the world connecting with souls and chasing creativity. 

Vani graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in Theater.  She has performed in plays, films and modeled throughout The States and internationally. Additionally, she owns a small guesthouse business in Puerto Rico, Villa Naguabo.    

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Jacqui Bell

Co - Founder

Jacqueline Bell (Jacqui) is a home-brewing business lady who can be found lounging in a pantsuit watching Russian soviet films or running trails with her German Shepard. Based an hour north of Austin, TX, she lives with her husband, 2 dogs, and kitty, and has a passion for entrepreneurship, travel, and helping womxn become financially independent. 


After attending high school with Lena and Mae in Western MA, Jacqueline received her BA in Russian Politics and Economics from Smith College, then moved to Central Texas where she has her own business as a consulting Innovation Architect.

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Mae Horak

Co - Founder

The Max to Lena's Nev, Mae Horak is a rock and roll cowgirl mixed with a mid-2000s emo kid. Her interests include screenwriting, songwriting and visiting the graves of famous criminals.

Mae's costume design and photography has been featured in her published book "The Taiga",  Magazines in the US, UK and France and on the TV show "Supernatural". She has a BFA in design from MassArt in Boston and is currently studying computer science at Harvard. 


For more of Mae's work click here. 

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